No Stolen Election!

 Don't Let Him Steal Another Election! [At this point, I don't know if it was stolen, but there certainly are quite a number of odd phenomenon that should be investigated. However, none of these claims should be taken as truth without independent verification. There are a lot of claims floating around. Some are false, and some have innocent explanations when examined carefully.]

TAKE THE PLEDGE! November 3rd Pledge of Action: No Stolen Election

Don't Mourn! Organize!

November 3rd Pledge of Action:
”I remember the stolen presidential election of 2000 and I am willing to take action in 2004 if the election is stolen again. I support efforts to protect the right to vote leading up to and on Election Day, November 2nd. If that right is systematically violated, I pledge to join nationwide protests starting on November 3rd, either in my community, in the state where the fraud occurred or in Washington DC."
League of Pissed Off Voters is holding hearing on voter fraud. (POSTED: November 11, 2004)
Voter Registration Fraud Clearinghouse. (POSTED: October 20, 2004)
Black Box Voting [This is Bev harris', NOT some rival, however they are.] (POSTED: November 6, 2004)

After November 2

In Utah: 33,000 ballots lost in shuffle. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 13, 2004)
Check out the latest news from Black Box Voting. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 13, 2004)
More on the Ohio recount effort: A Legitimate Recount Effort in Ohio. (PUBLISHED November 12 and POSTED: November 13, 2004)
Major bugs found in Diebold vote systems. (PUBLISHED November 12 and POSTED: November 13, 2004)
The Digital Encryption Standard 56-bit encryption key used can be unlocked by a key embedded in all the source code, meaning all Diebold machines would respond to the same key. Rubin, his graduate students and a colleague from Rice University found other bugs, that the administrator's PIN code was "1111" and that one programmer had inserted, "This is just a hack for now."
Trouble in Minnesota: Minnesotans kicked off voter registration lists asking why. (PUBLISHED November 12 and POSTED: November 13, 2004)
Washington, Republican may have won on machine error: Democrats Sue Wash. County Over Ballots. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Indiana: Kerry votes became Libertarian. Why did NONE of the "glitches" detract from Bush's vote? Glitch causes Franklin Co. recount. (PUBLISHED November 11 and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Election equipment counted straight-party votes for Democratic candidates as Libertarian votes, an error that could affect election outcomes in as many as nine counties, the Richmond Palladium-Item reported today.
Kerry sends lawyers to calm the waters, dispell concerns that he was fairly whipped: Kerry campaign lawyers checking Ohio vote. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Green & Libertarian Presidential Candidates to Demand Ohio Recount. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Jonathan Simon in Scoop: 47 State Exit Poll Analysis Confirms Swing Anomaly. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Must Watch! MSNBC Vote Fraud Video [Quicktime]. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Democracy Now! The Ohio Factor: Did Homeland Security and the FBI interfere With the Vote Count? (PUBLISHED November 10 and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Donna Britt in the Washington Post: Worst Voter Error Is Apathy Toward Irregularities . (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 12, 2004)
Steven F. Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania has posted a report of a study he conducted on: The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy concluding that it is extremely unlikely that the discrepancies between the exit polls and poll results were due to chance. He is very careful to point out that the paper has not gone through peer review and is admirably cautious in the conclusions he draws. (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 11, 2004)
Harvey Wasserman on the post-election desertion: Why Did John Kerry Abandon His Crew (US!) in Battle? (PUBLISHED and POSTED: November 11, 2004)
During the campaign, the Kerry campaign spent unlimited time, money and effort on denying the public the ability to vote for Ralph Nader. The attacks were political, personal, procedural---and endless. But after spending all that energy attacking the left, the Kerry campaign lost to the most powerful and dangerous crew of right wing extremists this nation has ever seen---and then had no time at all to make sure the vote count was fair or accurate. Kerry's hurried, feeble plea that George W. Bush heal the wounds of disunity in this country must have been greeted with gales of laughter in Karl Rove's White House.